Handling heavy objects on a factory floor can be a nightmare when you need to move or turn them. While steel wire rope hoists and cranes provide convenience for lifting and transporting heavy objects, you still need a way to turn some of these objects over on themselves during the manufacturing process.

Enter load turning devices: hoist-style machines that allow you to conveniently turn and rotate heavy loads at the touch of a button. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in one of these machines.

  1. Safety and convenience

Not only do these devices provide you with a convenient way to turn and rotate heavy objects, it performs this work while keeping workers safe.

  1. Rotation control

A load turning device can rotate an object to whatever degree you need it to be turned at and hold it in that position. This allows workers to stop a rotation midway to work on every side of an object.

  1. Mobility

Most load turning devices are mobile which allows you to use them in any section of your factory floor, or within different buildings all together. The hoists can be detached from one area in your factory/warehouse and attached to another.

  1. Weight capacity

The ROTOMAX Load Turning Device can support loads of up to 200 000 kg. This is especially useful when inspecting heavy and relatively brittle loads.

  1. Damage control

Load turning devices use powerful pully systems to do their work. The material used in the harnesses have high tensile strength and are tailor made to safely lift and rotate whichever objects you need to turn.

All in all, the right load turning device can increase productivity in your warehouse/factory, as well as reduce the chances of workers damaging your goods while trying to rotate them. Our PROSTAR load turning device offers you the convenience you need at your place of work, get in touch today to learn more.