Crane components

End Carriages

End Carriages

AJM Hook end carriages serve as one of the best Engineering Products due to there Steel structure with built-in wheel, buffers and buffer plates.

AJM Hook Alloy steel wheel of 34CrM04 (JIS-SCM435, ASISI-4135).

AJM Hook Drive shaft is alloy steel.

AJM Hook Long life anti-friction bearings and grease-lubricated.

AJM Hook Bearing house of spherical graphite cast iron.

Wheel Blocks

AJM Hook Wheel load sizes range up to 180 kN.

AJM HookThey are designed to allow for ease of maintenance in situ.

AJM Hook The Alloy steel (34CrM04) Travel wheel reduces friction between the flanges and rails thus giving less wear than with other materials.

AJM Hook Heavy duty steel housing protects the bearing assembly from damage and dirt.

AJM Hook The torque arm, connecting parts and buffer are easily fitted.

AJM Hook Rapid fitting and removal for all connection variants.

Wheel blocks