If you’re in the business of lifting heavy objects, you’ll want to keep your feelers out for systems, devices and machines that can increase productivity in your workshop. The beauty of being in this business is that you have a lot of options that all serve one purpose or another. This isn’t any different for lifting hoists.

There are two types of hoists you can opt for: manual and powered. This article will explore the former, specifically manual chain hoists.

Why should I get a manual chain hoist?

We’re glad you asked! While powered hoists offer unique advantages over their manual counterparts, there are some jobs that need to be done manually. Here’s why:

  1. Cost and portability

Manual chain hoists offer you strong lifting devices that are considerably cheaper than their power counterparts. They’re more portable than electrical hoists, so if you need lifting equipment that you need to use on multiple sites, chain hoists should be your go-to devices.

  1. Safety and durability

While manual chain hoists aren’t as durable as their powered counterparts, they’re usually made with strong alloys that last you as long as you need them to. Since they require manual input, the risk of a faulty electric motor causing an accident is non-existent. Our affordable manual chain hoists conform to international standards and are sure to give you the lifting power you need.

  1. Design

Manual chain hoists are usually small, lightweight and fully portable. This gives you the convenience you need if should you require an efficient device that you can use on multiple sites. They’re easy to handle and maintain, and so you’ll never have to worry about spending bucket loads of money to service it.

The various types of manual chain hoists provide different load capacities, but generally, the more input your operators can provide, the more weight the hoist will be able to support. Here’s a guide to illustrate the range of capacities that different manual chain hoists have.

Head over to our products section and check out the range of manual chain hoists we offer or get in touch and let us help you choose the right hoist for your project!