You just got yourself a new metal wire rope hoist system to increase productivity at your place of work, but you’re slowly realising that these hoists require a whole lot of work to operate and takes away from the level of productivity you hoped it would provide. What do you do? Invest in a radio remote control system for your hoist, that’s what! Here’s why:

  1. Distance = safety + efficiency

A radio remote control system allows your operator to stand at a safe distance from the hoist and avoid any dangers that could come with system failures in your machine. This is especially useful for high-risk loads such as hot metal or multiple lifting operations.

The distance also gives operators some room to breathe when working with typical and complex loads. It gives operators a better view of their surroundings which allows them to anticipate any obstacles in the load’s path.

This prevents accidents such as load swings and dropped loads and can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. It also increases productivity by providing operators with a lot more accuracy when dealing with loads which ultimately allows them to complete more lifts during their shifts.

  1. Radio Remote Control systems come in different configurations

Radio RC systems come in different shapes and sizes and have different applications . The different configurations, which range from single to multiple speed operations, will allow you to get the right system for the job you need done.

  1. Only one operator is required

Traditional cranes and large hoists often require two operators: one to control everything and another to provide a set of eyes. With radio RC systems, one operator is enough to get the job done. The distance allows them to control the hoist while being the pair of eyes needed to prevent accidents.

At AJM Radio and Control, we install remote control systems to various industrial machinery to increase safety and facilitate ease of operation; our systems come with a control range of up to 300 metres. Our radio remote systems are of world class quality and conform to most industrial standards. All our products offer durable and reliable operation and ease of use.