End carriages are crucial components within a gantry crane system. Essentially, end carriages act as motors and support structures that provide gantry cranes with mobility. End carriages are responsible for the crane’s movement around your workshop. Without them, gantry cranes wouldn’t be able to move, thus cutting out an important feature in their design.

What do end carriages do?

An end carriage is designed to help your gantry crane get from point A to point B and back to your workshop. They drive the wheels that are attached to supporting units at the base of your crane. End carriages differ in the mobility and capacity they offer for gantry cranes. The common weight capacity for a carriage is about 40 000 Kg.

Our end carriages specs

Here at AJM Engineering Solutions, we offer the best end carriages to meet your needs. Our carriages are made with steel structures that have built-in wheels, buffers and buffer plates. The wheels are made from steel alloys of 34CrM04 (JIS-SCM435, ASISI-4135).

The drive shaft is constructed from alloy steel, ensuring reliability and durability. Our bearings highly durable; they are built with anti-friction material and are grease lubricated, thus cutting out the need for you to use expensive oil.

Finally, the bearings are housed by spherical graphite cast iron to ensure that nothing damages them or hinders them from doing their jobs.

Should you get an end carriage?

If you’re thinking of getting a gantry crane, or you already have one, getting end carriages is a no-brainer. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can make you the proud new owner of an end carriage!