As with the various kinds of infrastructure that make our lives easier, railways need to be maintained to continue providing value to people. There are different factors to consider when maintaining a railway system, such as the tools you need to use.

Rail maintenance equipment

  1. Truck Lifts

A railroad vehicle needs trucks to allow it to travel across the railway system. They experience a lot of stress having to support the weight of the train and so need to be maintained as often as possible. Truck lifts provide a safe and convenient way to suspend rail trucks in the air and allow people to service them.

  1. Drop Tables

Drop tables are designed to allow workers to efficiently remove rail trucks from locomotives for service, replacement and everything else in between. These scaffolding-like structures operate like production lines and consist of movable lateral scissor lifting tables, coupled rail bridges and supporting frames, railings, walkway cover plates and control units.

  1. In-ground lifting systems

There are four types of commonly used locomotive lifting systems: deep pit, shallow pit, direct lifting and indirect lifting. Deep and shallow pit systems are custom designed to lift and lower locomotives and railcars in single or paired units for maintenance work.

  1. Maintenance turntables

Turntables are designed to allow railcars and locomotives to seamlessly move from one area of a workshop to another. Our bogie and wheelset turntables come in different outer diameters and are comprised of a main steel structure, a central support for rotation and lateral wheels to support loads.

They can be operated manually or electrically. Our turntables varying capacities; Bertolotti’s Wheelsets rotating tables have load capacities from 2.5 Ton to 6 Tons while the Bogie rotating tables have capacities of 6 Tons to 10-15 Tons.

All about Prostar Lifting Jacks

Here at AJM Engineering Services, we pride ourselves on the quality rail maintenance equipment we have on offer. Our PROSTAR Lifting Jacks are no exception. Our lifting jacks are both mobile (using rubber coated wheels with fixed anvils) and movable on mounted rails with retractable anvils. They can be paired from a minimum of two columns to a maximum of 48 columns. Our Lifting Jacks comply with UNI EN 1493.

To find out more about what our railway maintenance equipment can do for you, get in touch and take the first step to keeping your rail equipment fully operational!

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